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Since Mondo Grow Kit USA is mainly illegal, we do not support or condone its usage in jurisdictions where it is prohibited. Although we acknowledge that illegal drug use can occur, we think that providing accurate information on harm reduction is crucial for ensuring people’s safety. Because of this, the purpose of this guide is to increase the safety of psilocybin users.

For novices, growing Mondo Grow Kit USA might seem intimidating. Growing may often become daunting and perplexing because to the abundance of material available online, like Mycotopia, The Shroomery, and several how-to-grow manuals and Teks. People frequently give up before they even begin because there are so many opportunities for things to go wrong.

The tiresome tasks, such soaking grains, pressure cooking, bag sealing, etc., can thankfully now be avoided thanks to a variety of Mondo Grow Kit USA. A month to six weeks after purchasing your kit and a syringe with the spores of the fungus you want to cultivate, you may be picking fresh magic mushrooms.

Growing Magic Mushrooms

Numerous individuals want to know how to forage or cultivate medicinal mushrooms as interest in the therapeutic advantages of psilocybin and Mondo Grow Kit USA as decriminalization efforts continue to gain ground in the US and throughout the world. That is particularly true considering that psilocybin is perceived as natural, is extremely safe, and lacks the stigma that LSD did during the 1960s.

Mondo Grow Kit USA Mushroom cultivation at home is simple in theory. The processes for growing magic mushrooms have been streamlined because to pioneers like Oss and Oeric (also known as Terrance and Dennis McKenna), Professor Fanaticus (the creator of the PF Tek), and a strong network of knowledgeable growers on Mycotopia and The Shroomery. 

However, cultivating Mondo Grow Kit USA calls for some gentle loving care. Mondo Grow Kit USA Mushroom growing kits are a terrific way to jump right in without feeling too much like MacGyver, increasing your chances of success!

Before you begin, it is crucial to remember that psilocybin is still considered a schedule I narcotic in the majority of nations. You should thus become familiar with the legal system in your area. Psilocybin is regarded as a Schedule 1 drug in the US. Although the germination of spores, as well as the cultivation and possession of mushrooms, may be unlawful in your state or country, spores may be allowed there.

A History of the Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

Mondo Grow Kit USA have been grown for a long time, ever since intrepid mycologists first discovered them in the 1970s. With tributes like the growkit “mckennaii,” Terrance and Dennis McKenna promoted the cultivation of magic mushrooms throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

Psylocybe Fanaticus Tek (also known as PF Tek) is a technique for growing mushrooms that was invented by Robert “Billy” McPherson, also known as Professor Fanaticus, in the early 1990s. He used stunning photos of psychoactive mushrooms from High Times magazine to promote his company, “Psylocybe Fanaticus.”

The growing medium used by the PF Tek was originally made up of organic rye seeds, but it was later reduced to brown rice flour (BRF) and vermiculite. The BRF substrate is sterilized in wide-mouthed canning jars using steam sterilization, tyndallization, or pressure cooking with a layer of dry vermiculite acting as a filter.

While the PF Tek is still used to grow mushrooms, the majority of contemporary techniques center on spore syringes and spawn bags filled with pre-sterilized grain spawn (rye, wheat, or millet) with a self-healing injection site. You put your spores into the bag, let the mycelium colonize it, and then add manure to thicken it up. Mondo Grow Kit USA production has advanced significantly in recent years thanks to the use of specialized growth chambers, timing systems, and even hydroponics.

Why start with a mushroom grow kit

It can appear simple enough to grow mushrooms in pre-cooked rice sacks (Spiderman/Uncle Ben Tek) or on brown rice flour (PF Tek). Even yet, finding and buying all the supplies needed to produce your own mushrooms might be difficult. While gathering each component needed to grow Mondo Grow Kit USA may appear simple, you may need to visit several shops that might not have what you need. You should not need to fill your apartment with grain or hay bales if you live in an apartment.

On the other hand, a kit simplifies the whole procedure. A kit includes everything you need for every grow, including a growbag filled with sterilized grains, manure, casing, and other extras. 

Visit Third Wave’s updated Microdosing Course if you are interested in learning how much you will need for a microdosing regimen. The course will walk you through the fundamentals and assist you in customizing your routine to fit your unique objectives by using a step-by-step science-based procedure.

Fresh mushrooms emerge after the mushroom substrate and mycelium.

The basic idea behind mushroom cultivation is simple. Spores are grown on a simple substrate, often a grain like rye, wheat, or millet, or a mixture of rice flour and vermiculite. When the substrate has been completely colonized by the mycelium from the spores, it is time to fruit the mushrooms.

Remember that you need a spot that is tidy for the setup. If you are not careful, contamination might occur, leading to moldy bags. Make sure you have an area you can wipe down with alcohol and maintain clean during the preparation process and that you have excellent quality spore syringes. Always read your documentation twice, and as much as you can, put it into practice.

We mimic the habitat in which Mondo Grow Kit USA naturally exist when we cultivate them. Cow poo, a thoroughly broken-down substrate made mostly of digested plant waste, is where Psilocybe cubensis thrives. While humans digest our food inside of us, fungi live within the food they consume. Fungi expel enzymes, which they use to break down their food by “slobbering” all over it.

Why buy a magic mushroom grow kit?

Dutch law prohibits the commercial sale of Mondo Grow Kit USA as of December 2008. As a result, magic mushrooms, whether fresh or dried, are no longer for sale. The ability to produce magic mushrooms on a modest scale, however, has not been outlawed.

They may still be purchased legally online or in Dutch smartshops. Growing your own magic mushrooms is the simplest method to obtain them. Additionally, it is enjoyable.

Why get a magic mushroom grow kit from

Our Mondo Grow Kit USA growing kits are meticulously made in a clean facility. The grow kits are supplied as fresh as possible because we only maintain a small supply on hand. Numerous companies make Mondo Grow Kit USA. We have thoroughly evaluated almost all of the mushroom kits that are currently on the market.

We only provide the most dependable and productive grow kits for sale in our inventory. We continue to test new kinds of kits in search of ones that fit our criteria because the market is changing. Do you have a general inquiry or are you looking for a specific strain? Message our support team.

How many magic mushrooms will you get out of the grow kit?

Until the substrate’s nutrients are exhausted, the growth process can be repeated multiple times. The first flush (growing season) of Mondo Grow Kit USA will be the largest, followed by smaller and smaller flushes until no more mushrooms are produced. When the proper circumstances are satisfied, the typical outcome after depletion is between 300 and 400 grams of fresh mushrooms. We will let you do the arithmetic if you consider that the suggested dose is a piece of 15 grams of fresh mushrooms.

What you get with the Mondo Grow kit?

Everything you need to cultivate stunningly huge and distinctive magic mushrooms is included in the psilocybe Mondo Grow Kit USA. For instance, the Mondo grow kit comes with a paper clip, a growbag, and a 1200 or 2100cc grow box.

The only thing lacking is water that can be tapped directly from the faucet. Nota Bene: While Dutch tap water is sufficient for growing Mondo Grow Kit USA, this does not imply that tap water from other nations is as clean. To reduce your risk, we advise using spring water while assembling your Mondo mushroom growkit.

How much yield does a Mondo Grow kit give?

Two different size Mondo Grow Kit USA are available for purchase in our mushroom shop. The grow kits 1200 and 2100cc.The grow kit is contents also affect how big the mycelium is that the magic mushrooms emerge from. Therefore, a 1200cc grow kit will not yield as many psilocybe mushrooms as at midwest grow kits 2100cc grow kit.

If the culture procedure is carried out properly, a harvest of the 1200cc magic mushroom grow kit should yield between 300 and 600 grams of magic mushrooms, while a harvest of the 2100cc should yield between 700 and 900 grams. One Mondo Grow Kit USA may produce a sizable number of doses because a fresh mushroom dose for each individual is 30 grams.

Different Mondo grow kits and their strengths of psychedelic effects

We shall briefly discuss the various magic mushroom strains’ relative potencies in relation to Mondo Grow Kit USA below. Mondo Grow Kit USA provides a well-rounded selection. There is a psychedelic mushrooms grow kit accessible for everyone, whether they are novices or very skilled users.

If you wish to utilize mondo magic mushroom for the first time, it is crucial that you choose a proper grow kit as well. You do not want to ingest highly powerful mushrooms at first, after all. Your initial encounter with psilocybin magic mushrooms can be completely ruined by this. Strong mushrooms call for experience.

Mondogrowkits are available for people who are unfamiliar with psilocybin mushrooms.

MondoGrowKit Khmer

MondoGrowKit Thai Ban Hua

Hawaii MondoGrowKit PES

Mondogrowkits for those used to using psilocybin mushrooms:

Mazatapec MondoGrowKit

Mondo grow kits for those who have used psilocybin-containing magic mushrooms before:

Golden Teacher Mondo Grow Kit

How to store the grow kit correctly

It is advised to begin the cultivation process as soon as possible. You can keep the grow kit in the refrigerator (2°C to 8°C) for two weeks following the manufacture date if you wish to start growing later. First, cover the grow kit tightly in a plastic shopping bag.

The substrate in this growbox has active mycelium (the cake).

One big grow bag with micron filters to keep out impurities and two paper clips to close the grow bag.

Misting is necessary for the humidity level, thus use a misting bottle.

Use only potable water for soaking and misting

Work in a clean environment to prevent contamination from other bacteria and fungus (microorganisms).

Thermo mat (when the temperature in the room falls below 18 °C)

How to prepare the room and yourself before you begin

All windows should be closed. The Mondo®’PES Amazon’ XL mondo grow kits usa may become contaminated by bacteria carried by the wind or a draft.

Put the growbox with the cake on a clean area when you remove it from the carton box. Micro organisms might stick to the grow box if this surface is dirty, flourish within the Mondo®’ PES Amazon’ XL Magic Mushroom growkit, and contaminate the growbox.

Be cautious to keep your hands and arms tidy while working. When handling the kit, we advise using medical gloves or a reliable disinfectant. To prevent breathing on the cake and into the growbag, you should use a facemask.

Starting the process

Fill the container with clean, drinkable water. Keep the growbox tightly closed and immerse it for 12 hours.

Pour the extra water out of the growbox after 12 hours.

Put the huge growbag into the growbox. The bag’s opening should face upward.

The growbox’s cover should be removed. After cleaning, put the lid in the ziplock bag and save it for further use. Repackage the ziplock bag in the carton box with the lid on.

Fold the huge growbag’s open end twice; do not enclose the micron filter.

To ensure that the bag remains closed, place the paperclip on the fold. Now that it is ready to develop, the Mondo®’PES Amazon’ XL Magic Mushroom grow beautiful.

In the carton box, place the Mondo®’PES Amazon’ XL Magic Mushroom growkit on top of the ziplock bag with the lid.


24°C is considered to be the perfect temperature. Do not allow the temperature to fall below 18°C or rise above 29°C. You may use a thermo mat to maintain the appropriate temperature and prevent it from falling below 18°C. In the winter or in colder parts of the world, a thermo mat is a need.


Only light is required for the mycelium in the Mondo®’PES Amazon’ XL magic mushroom growkit to “understand” that it has reached the surface. Then mushrooms will start to develop.A few hours each day of indirect sunshine or fluorescent/artificial light are more than adequate. Avoid letting the sun beam directly on the growkit as it may destroy the mycelium.

Water or mist

You start with misting the day after you start the procedure. Remove the paperclip to reveal the growbag. Spray once on each side of the bag rather than immediately on the cake. So you mist four times daily. Additionally, misting vents new oxygen inside the bag. After misting, use the paperclip to reseal the bag.


The first little mushrooms (the pins), if the circumstances are ideal, should start to develop between five and sixteen days after planting. Additionally, the strain affects this. Different cubensis strains have different growth rates.


The mondo grow kits usa sprout in clusters. This group may be tiny or huge. According to the strain. This type of growth is known as a flush.

Almost never do mondo grow kits usa get ripe at the same time. A kit can be used for more than one flush. The largest flushes are the first two. The subsequent flushes will be smaller than the first one as more come.


Picking mondo grow kits usa when the veil covering the stem and the hat has barely torn indicates that they are ripe. Wait no more, please. You can either clean your hands, wrists, and arms or use surgical gloves. Pick the ripe mushroom spores and leave the others to develop.

By grasping the mondo grow kits usa base between your thumb and index finger, you may take the mushrooms out of the cake. Slowly turn your hand in a clockwise direction until the mushroom releases.

Never remove the mondo grow kits usa. The mycelium would be at risk of being killed by this damage. Pick the smaller and pin mushrooms once the majority of the bigger ones have been harvested.

Storing your All-In-One Mc Smart, Mondo and Fresh Mushrooms mushroom grow kits

The kits for growing mondo grow kits usa can However, we do not advocate doing this and instead urge you to set up the grow kit as soon as you arrive. If the grow kit is being stored, it is not cleaned beforehand before being put in the refrigerator. Because bacteria cannot be seen with the naked eye, they can contaminate the grow kit. Keeping the mondo grow kits usa in a clean refrigerator that is set between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius is therefore advantageous if you wish to keep it.

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