Magic Mushroom Kits USA

Buy Magic Mushroom Kits USA. The Mondo® magic mushroom grow kits—previously known as Standard grow kits—really alter the rules of the game! Magic mushroom cultivation the traditional method!

Why choose the magic mushroom kits from Mondo®?
Unusual Psilocybe cubensis strains and the real experience of mushroom farming!
Several flushes of magic mushrooms
A larger fruiting body
As simple as they come, the Mondo® magic mushroom growing kit is. Simply dunk and develop! You will get your first mushroom harvest at home in two to three weeks. The mushroom-growing kits’ mycelium is fully established and prepared to grow. Spores are not necessary!

Everything you need for mushroom cultivation is included in the Mondo® mushroom kit. Buy Magic Mushroom Kits USA
1x Substrate box with vermiculite on top and 100% active mycelium
1x filter-equipped mushroom grow bag for establishing a microclimate
Paperclips (two) to secure the grow bag.
There are no labels or branding on the Mondo® magic mushroom grow kits.


Ralph BrownRalph Brown
18:01 17 Mar 23
I wanted to post a quick review on my "research" project.. All my jars are showing a quarter size spot of growth on all 12 jars with no mold and its only day 4! Got the Kit super fast, setup was simple. The equipment with the kit is actually really decent quality, love the Aqua-Pro aquarium heater, dialed in the exact temp on the first try. I'm already planning my spawn bag and bulk grow next!! I'll post another review when I'm done!
Ignace CarréIgnace Carré
15:16 12 Nov 22
Mega Kit and Ultimate Kits are both super easy! -- I've bought several kits, some as gifts. The kits are easy to assemble, and the instructions are thorough and easy to understand. Great for a beginner, and super handy for someone who already knows what they're doing. Great products and customer service replied to my email in 7 hours.. Not bad!!
Eloy ArloEloy Arlo
05:01 01 Nov 22
I buy because of 5 star customer service! -- Have had a lot of success with these spawn bags. The one time there was an issue with one it was replaced with no questions asked. Great service and products! Always get very fast colonization times and consistent. Like I said be fore the only issue I had was some liquid in the bag probably from sitting outside my house in the 110 degree heat. I always buy and continue to buy from Midwest because they treat me like a VIP customer and that goes a long way, even if I only spend $30 a few times a year.
Frank HagertyFrank Hagerty
08:32 13 Oct 22
Super fast shipping! -- This kit showed up ahead of the expected delivery date. Packaged well and so far everything is going great with my new hobby. As a beginner I strongly recommend this growing kit. As long as all goes well with the King Oyster mushrooms I'm growing and I can see how much space I have/want/need to expand I'll definitely be purchasing another growing kit.
Nathan DiazNathan Diaz
08:08 12 Oct 22
Great spawn bags- Ordered 5grain bags and this was my third order from Midwest Grow Kits. Super fast shipping! Like 2 days! The information in the instruction material gave me the confidence to try bulk growing and I don't regret it. Just like the jars, they work perfectly with zero contamination issues. The bags come with an injection port for easy inoculation. I ordered 6 bags a double order but 3 bags was enough for me to fill a large 56 quart growing container. 5 stars!

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