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Azure Belgian Dark Chocolate bars For Sale

Azure Belgian Dark Chocolate bars For Sale. These psilocybin-infused chocolates are divided into squares for convenience and ease of use. They are available in a variety of potencies and flavors, allowing for versatile microdosing techniques or simple enjoyment. Azure Belgian Dark Chocolate bars For Sale.
These chocolate bars contain a variety of magic mushrooms, which are popular among beginners since they provide a dependable high. Because of its shamanic and spiritual qualities, they are frequently employed to obtain fresh understanding of oneself and the cosmos. Mushroom chocolate bar, 5g of Azure.

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Buy Azure Belgian Mushroom Chocolate bar Online

Buy Azure Belgian Mushroom Chocolate bar Online. Belgian milk chocolate of the highest caliber is used to make Azure Mushroom Chocolate Bars. Our unique combination gives every mouthful a smooth, velvety feel of milk chocolate. Azure Mushroom chocolate bar, 5 grams.

Psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars are a fantastic entry point for people who are new to or interested in magic mushrooms into the mysterious realm of psychedelics. We firmly think that psychedelics has both amazing recreational uses and profound, inherent medical benefits. These psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars are an easy and delightful substitute for dry mushrooms because they take the excitement of magic mushrooms and combine them with the delectable flavors of chocolate. Because of its high psilocybin concentrations, high quantities of psilocin, and full-spectrum experiences, Psilocybe Cubensis species of mushrooms were chosen. When taken on a regular basis, Psilocybe Cubensis is recognized for its generally beneficial benefits and intense visual impressions. Azure Mushroom chocolate bar, 5 grams

Azure Belgian Dark Chocolate bars For Sale

These psilocybin-infused chocolates are divided into squares for convenience and ease of use. They are available in a variety of potencies and flavors, allowing for versatile microdosing techniques or simple enjoyment.
These chocolate bars contain a variety of magic mushrooms, which are popular among beginners since they provide a dependable high. Because of its shamanic and spiritual qualities, they are frequently employed to obtain fresh understanding of oneself and the cosmos. Mushroom chocolate bar, 5g of Azure. Buy Azure Belgian Mushroom Chocolate bar Online

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Please wait up to 30-45 minutes for the first effects to appear before boosting the dosage. If kept in a cold environment for a year, these chocolates can last permanently in the freezer.

Mushroom Chocolate is a decadent dark chocolate created with 77% cacao that is handcrafted in Northern California by renowned chocolatiers. For a wonderful dessert, we mixed heritage cacao with our hugely famous Mushroom Mixture. There are 1060 mg of useful mushrooms in each bar. You may eat Mushroom Chocolate at any time of the day as a snack or as a meal (try adding a few tiny pieces to your morning chia or granola pudding). Buy Azure Belgian Mushroom Chocolate bar Online

From functional mushroom supplements to psilocybin laced bars, mushroom chocolate is a rapidly growing industry

Few foods are as beloved or passionately consumed as chocolate. Chocolate, which is rich, delicious, and creamy, has had a profound impact on human culture. The same is true with mushrooms, which have extraordinary therapeutic qualities. But when you mix the two to produce mushroom chocolate, what sort of transcendental magic happens?

Creative chocolate connoisseurs and shroom aficionados are presently scrambling to provide an answer to that issue. Chocolate with mushrooms is now having a major moment. Both the legal and unlawful sides of the spectrum are favored by the new inventions.

Medicinal Mushroom Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Bars

Functional or medicinal mushrooms offer a healthy, non-intoxicating option for people curious about mushrooms but not yet ready for a psychedelic experience. Cacao or carob are combined with adaptogenic mushrooms including reishi, cordyceps, chaga, turkey tail, and lion’s mane to create mushroom hot chocolate.

These warm, healthy drinks are becoming more and more well-liked among those willing to give up the jitters associated with coffee in favor of concoctions that reduce stress and improve cognitive performance. The therapeutic qualities of medicinal mushrooms vary, but they all are thought to be adaptogenic. Adaptogens assist the body in adjusting to physical, chemical, or biological stress and aid in the body’s return to homeostasis, a balanced condition. These potent plant substances can also help the body manage its metabolic processes more successfully while enhancing both mental and physical performance.

Reishi and lion’s mane, for instance, are used in the Woodland Mushroom Hot Chocolate Super Adaptogenic Blend to improve immunological and brain function, lessen anxiety, and lessen inflammation. Additionally, the company chooses carob instead cacao, which includes caffeine, to offer chocolate flavor. Buoyant Chocolates, however, has created milk and dark chocolate bars containing powdered lion’s mane and cordyceps for those seeking a greater chocolate dose. This useful treat is advertised as improving mental clarity, focus, memory, and physical endurance.

There are other alternatives available for people looking for a chocolate high with a side of psychedelics.

Psilocybin Mushroom Chocolate

The co-founder of STEM Chocolate, who has asked that we not reveal his identity, saw the pairing of dried psilocybin mushrooms with Belgian Callebaut chocolate as a contemporary interpretation of a hallowed, age-old remedy.

The Co-Founder says that psilocybin and cacao are collectively referred to as “the Aztec combo.” The scientific term Theobroma cacao, which means food or nutrition of the gods, is where the word “cacao” originates. The psilocybin mushroom was known to the Aztecs as Teonanácatl, which means “flesh of the gods.”

The businessman created STEM to create psilocybin-infused chocolate that may introduce people to the many advantages of ingesting safe medicinal mushrooms.

“Our goal is to eliminate the stigma associated with this lovely animal. By providing this treatment in a more prominent and approachable manner, STEM was created with the intention of disrupting the industry as we now know it. The chocolate sold by STEM is not your typical dark, milk, or white kind. Instead, choose unusual tastes like yuzu, Provence lavender, and cardamom.

According to the Co-Founder, the most well-known flavors of STEM’s mushroom chocolate bars include Cookies & Cream Dreams, Caramel Gold Rush, and our premium Passionfruit Triptych, which is crafted with Penis Envy mushrooms, Valrhona chocolate, and real 23K gold.

The benefits of blending cacao and psilocybin

The Co-Founder of STEM Chocolate notes that the practice of mixing cacao and psilocybin dates back to ancient medical rites and is actually thousands of years old.

“It has been observed that their potent combination enhances psilocybin’s effects and helps the soul travel the journey. Psilocybin mushrooms and cacao work together to enhance the profundity of a psychedelic experience. It has long been believed that cacao opens the heart while psilocybin mushrooms open the mind.

There is proof that combining the two has special advantages. Despite not being a hallucinogenic, cocoa is something of a stimulant. Anandamide, MAO-inhibitors, and other strong natural substances found in cacao can help improve mood and sensations of enjoyment. The Co-Founder says that these attributes contribute to psilocybin’s effect being amplified.

She advises seeing cocoa as a liposomal vehicle for the substance. “The fat particles make it easier for the body to absorb while allowing the psilocybin to transfer to the blood and brain,” she says. Psilocybin and cacao appear to work well together to heighten the psychedelic experience. “Food of the gods and flesh of the gods is the perfect balance, and a match made in heaven,” says the Co-Founder.

Edibles for microdosing

The idea of the mushroom chocolate bars is that they break up easily into pieces that can be consumed in microdoses, allowing users to regulate how much psilocybin they receive with each mouthful.

There are 15 separate parts of the bar. The co-founder of STEM chocolate claims that each piece includes 200 milligrams of psilocybin mushrooms. “For a planned psilocybin microdose regimen, we advise splitting each piece in half (100 mg) or quarters (50 mg). Depending on your dose regimen, one bar should last you between 1-2 months.

Microdosing is a simple and efficient technique to dip one’s toes into the psychedelic pool for people who are new to psychedelics or those who want to frequently take advantage of their advantages.

Yes it’s delicious… but is it legal?

Legal issues are raised by the growing popularity of psilocybin-infused foods like chocolate. Psilocybin remains banned in most places despite a trend in the decriminalization of psychedelic drugs. Police enforcement of psilocybin laws varies by location, nevertheless.

“STEM is very fortunate to be based in Vancouver, Canada, which seems to be leading this industry by allowing these activities to continue without fear of legal repercussions,” she says. Vancouver appears to be driving these businesses ahead, much like how it did with cannabis a few years ago, before it was made legal. Today, Vancouver is home to a number of mushroom-only dispensaries that sell a range of mushroom-specific goods.

The STEM chocolate co-founder thinks that the current legalization movement in Canada, which was most recently highlighted by British Columbia’s decision to permit limited amounts of narcotics for personal use, allows for the ability of STEM and other psilocybin companies to operate in a “gray area.” In other words, while psilocybin is illegal, it is also not strictly regulated.

However, magic mushroom activity is more strictly regulated in several US jurisdictions. A example in point is the current situation of Indiana nurse Jessica Thornton, who is awaiting punishment after producing her own psilocybin. In other areas, psilocybin chocolate makers work in the shadows, producing bars covertly and fast to keep up with the demand.

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