Fresh Mushrooms® Magic Mushroom Grow Kit beginner set


Magic mushroom grow kits make cultivating mushrooms easy! Rather than fiddling for months, only to find your mycelium cakes contaminated, buying a grow kit gives you a large harvest of magic mushrooms in a matter of weeks.

The process of growing magic mushrooms from scratch is interesting and at times a bit intense, though it’s certainly achievable. However, for most amateur growers, buying a grow kit will likely work out quicker, easier, and less expensive!

Grow kits come with a “cake” (the substrate upon which the mushrooms grow) that’s fully colonised by Psilocybe mycelium. Then, once the cake is open, watered, and exposed to warm temperatures, the mushrooms begin to grow in abundance.


Fresh Mushrooms® Magic Mushroom Grow Kit beginner set

Fresh Mushrooms® Magic Mushroom Grow Kit beginner set allow you to cultivate your own magic mushrooms at home. In a number of weeks, each tub yields many flushes of fruiting bodies. Gone are the days of combing woods and meadows for goodies, or depending on shady vendors!

Our grow kit assortment has something for everyone. If you’re new to magic mushrooms, we recommend starting with one of our milder strains.

If you want to blast out and explore different realms, you’ll need something a bit more powerful. Reading the description of a certain grow kit will give you a basic sense of the potency of each strain.

How To Grow Fresh Mushrooms Kits

Here are our simple and easy instructions for growing your mushrooms using the Fresh Mushrooms® Magic Mushroom Grow Kit beginner set. Follow these instructions precisely.

Growing mushrooms with a Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit is as simple as it gets. These kits need very little care because to a thoroughly colonized substrate. There is no need to soak or spray them before the initial flush. All you need are the proper growth conditions and some perseverance!


  • These kits are 100% ready to grow.
  • DO NOT submerge them for a soak.
  • DO NOT spray the kits – you can just leave them in the bag without opening it.
  • DO NOT use aluminium foil when growing mushrooms; it is not necessary for these kits.
  • DO NOT breath into the bag.
  • ALWAYS wash hands before working with a grow kit.

User Instructions Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit


Take the Fresh Mushrooms box out of the cardboard box, but don’t throw the cardboard box away yet! Remove the lid from the plastic container. Wash it under running water and store it – you will need it for the next flushes.

User Instructions Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit


Lay the grow bag down on a flat surface and slide the grow kit into it. Fold up the bag under the grow kit and make sure the micro perforation is located just above the cake and pointing upwards.

Then put the whole setup in the original cardboard box to block light from the sides. By folding the bag under the grow kit, you have mainly closed the bag and you don’t have to worry about air circulation anymore.

User Instructions Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit


Place in an area with plenty daylight that maintains 18°C-28°C. DO NOT place in direct sunlight. Although mushrooms will grow within this temperature range, 23°C is the ideal temperature you need to maintain for optimal yields. A grow kit heating mat can help achieve this if you are in a cool area. Mushrooms require indirect sunlight to grow.

Note: A grow kit heating mat can support the growing process, but it won’t make up for a room temperature that’s too low.

User Instructions Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit


When the first pins have appeared you can change the position of the grow bag and place it upright. Again there’s no need to spray. The first mushrooms should become visible after 1-3 weeks.

User Instructions Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit


When the first caps have become clearly visible, the bag must remain slightly opened so that excess moisture can evaporate. Too much moisture can be harmful for the mushrooms.

Mushrooms, fresh Grow Kits may soon generate their initial flush. Typically, the first pinheads develop after 1-3 weeks. Once the caps emerge, mushrooms normally take 1 week to completely mature.


When it comes to harvesting your Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit, cleanliness is crucial. When harvesting, wash your hands and forearms well with disinfecting soap and use sterile gloves.

It is critical that you pick your mushrooms before the veils behind the mushroom caps break. If you don’t harvest them before this point, the kit will most likely stop producing flushes!

Grab the base of the stem and twist and pull the mushroom away with a careful motion. It is critical to twist rather than just pull, since this may harm the mycelium and have a bad influence on the following flush.

The stems may become purple after harvesting. This is known as bruising, and it is not cause for concern. Actually, it demonstrates the power of the Flesh of the Gods!

Storage Of Your Grow Kit

Because this is a new product, it is strongly advised that you begin growing as soon as you get your kit. Unless you have no other option, we do not advocate keeping your gear.

A grow kit may be viable if kept in a refrigerator at 3-5°C. It might last up to four weeks here, but there’s no certainty. To reduce the chance of contamination, place the kit in a sealed, clean plastic bag.

User Instructions Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit



These kits do not just produce one harvest of mushrooms. It is possible to obtain multiple flushes. To do so, fill the tub with cold tap water after you have finished your first harvest – this is known as cold-shock and reinvigorates the mycelium. Place the lid back on the tub (you have hopefully kept it as we instructed).

Now leave the tub for 12 hours to soak. After 12 hours, open a corner of the lid and carefully drain out excess water. Don’t worry if there’s almost no water left. This is a natural product and the amount of excess water may vary per kit.

Now all you need to do is clean and store the lid and continue from step 2 again. You should be well on your way to another harvest of bountiful magic goodness! This process can be repeated multiple times.


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