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GetMagic – Magic mushroom growing kits

Cultivate your own psilocybe cubensis mushrooms with the GetMagic – Magic mushroom growing kits.

Available in 2 sizes: normal (1200 ml) and XL (2100 ml)

  • Grow multiple flushes of the mushroom strain of your choice
  • Very easy to set up and grow
  • Provide yourself with weeks of micro-and macro dosing

GetMagic – Magic mushroom growing kits have been tried and tested over many, many years.

The layer approach was used to create the substrate, which involves stacking perlite at the bottom, substrate in the center, and a vermiculite top layer to seal everything in.

Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kits Online

Buy magic mushroom grow kits online

Do you want to produce your own magic mushrooms? Why not get a magic mushroom grow kit from Magic Mushroom Grow Kit USA? We know what we’re doing when it comes to psychedelics since we’ve been doing it for years. Magic mushroom grow kits are a terrific investment for the aspiring psychonaut since they are quick, inexpensive, and, most importantly, simple.


Magic mushroom grow kits make mushroom cultivation simple! Rather of fussing for months just to discover that your mycelium cakes have been infected, purchasing a grow kit allows you to reap a significant crop of magic mushrooms in a matter of weeks.

Growing magic mushrooms from scratch is an intriguing and at times exhausting process, but it is surely doable. However, for most inexperienced growers, using a grow kit will be faster, simpler, and less costly!

Grow kits include a “cake” (the substrate on which the mushrooms grow) that has been completely colonized by Psilocybe mycelium. The mushrooms begin to grow in profusion after the cake is opened, watered, and exposed to warm temperatures.

Which Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Should You Buy?

There are two kinds of magic mushroom grow kits available at Zamnesia. We mostly provide Psilocybe cubensis grow kits. This species develops quickly and is best suited to indoor culture, producing excellent results with little effort. There are several strains of this species to pick from.

Some, such as Golden Teacher, are simple to cultivate, provide high yields, and have a gentler impact. Beginners should avoid strains like this. McKennaii, on the opposite extreme of the cubensis range, is regarded to be one of the strongest magic mushrooms in the world. These mushrooms will make you trip really hard and are only recommended for experienced users.

In addition to cubensis grow kits, we also sell Panaeolus cyanescens (Copelandia) grow kits. These are said to be among the toughest mushrooms on the planet. It is recommended that only experienced psychonauts attempt them since they are difficult to grow and deliver a trip like no other.

How To Use A Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

We have a variety of shroom grow kits, each with somewhat different growth needs. As a result, there is no one method to utilize a magical mushroom grow kit.

However, for each of our brands, we provide digital guides that detail precisely how to utilize that specific grow kit.

Click on the relevant brand/type below to find the grow kit manual:

🔹 Fresh Mushrooms

🔹 Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Usa

🔹 Supa Gro

🔹 ‘Copelandia Hawaiian’ Grow Kit

🔹 Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Usa Outdoor Cultivation Kit


Shroom grow kits do not need much space. In actuality, all that is required is the contents of the box. However, there are several things that can help you get better outcomes. They are as follows:

  • Heat mat or small heater: Magic mushrooms grow best at temperatures between 25 and 28°C.
  • Heat guard: Stops the bottom of the grow kit from getting too hot.
  • Hygrometer/thermometer: To measure humidity/temperature.
  • Misting bottle: To spray the walls of the tent.


All kinds of germs and dangerous fungus thrive in the environment in which magic mushrooms grow. After all, mushrooms are fungi. Because grow kits are completely colonized, they are rather resistant to contamination, although it may still happen.

Handle these kits only in a clean environment. Wipe off surfaces and make sure everything is clean. Wear latex gloves and a face mask whenever feasible to prevent the spread of undesirable living forms to the grow kits.

If a kit becomes infected, it will not grow mushrooms (or may produce mushrooms that are unsafe to consume).


🍄 Are magic mushroom kits easy to use?
Incredibly, so long as you follow the instructions and work cleanly.
📦 Can you store magic mushroom grow kits?
Not really. The sooner you get them going, the better the results will be. If you need to, you can store them in the fridge for up to three weeks. Doing so increases the likelihood of contamination, so avoid it if you can.
⏲️ How long does a magic mushroom kit take to grow?
From setup to harvest, about 4–6 weeks, though it depends.
🏆 What is the best magic mushroom grow kit?
It depends on what you want. Some offer better yields, some are more resilient, and some are stronger. If you’re new to it, try B+ or Golden Teacher; these are renowned for being the most forgiving to grow.


We ship quickly and effectively to keep the grow kits fresh. Our magic mushroom grow kits will be sent to your door in a couple of days, and you should have no problems with the shipping. Please notify us if you do!

Find Your Magic Mushroom Grow Kit At Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Usa

What are you waiting for with so many magic mushroom grow kits to pick from? Purchase a grow kit now and get started on your own psychedelic cultivation hobby. When you’re finished, you’ll have a plentiful harvest of Psilocybe mushrooms ready to eat!



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